Apple i Phone 5 Getting Pushed Back In Development

Apple Corp, yes the company that currently has more money than the government of the United States, just released a statement that the i Phone 5 will be pushed back in development. They didn’t say exactly why, however, i Phone’s are slowly getting pushed backed when it comes to all the new tech phones out there. Don’t get me wrong sales are still strong and when the i Phone 5 is released it will do well, however, it is slowly losing. Looking at all the new tech phones out there with flash (iphones still can’t access flash websites), 3D, and higher hardware specs the i Phone obviously will start to take a back seat with the savvy hardcore technolgy fans who can figure out the spec comparisons. Where the i Phone 5 goes from here I’m not sure perhaps they’ll just keep pushing them out until the i Phone brand dies. Good luck i Phone 5 with the next launch.

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