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With the speed of new apps coming out everyday, we are proud to bring you the latest in hiking and outdoor apps for both the iPhone and Android phones.

Mike Asimos is a avid hiker and outdoorsman. You can read more about him on this blog: mikeasimos.blogspot.com. He shares his travels and the most popular hiking and outdoor products on the market. Mike Asimos explained, “Having traveled all over this great country, I have hiked in some amazing places. However, there is always one thing I wish I had and that is an accurate app on my phone.” As you can imagine getting an app that is extremely accurate is the biggest challenge. Mike educates us one some of the struggles he’s noticed with the current hiking apps on the market he has reviewed, “Apps these days are created by people who have never been there or just copy public information off the Internet. Everyone is trying to make a dollar these days! Downloading a hiking app from someone who has been there and done that hike before (with pictures, maps, ect) would be very beneficial to a serious hiker.” With that being said, we picked his brain and discover some of the greatest hiking apps on the market used by someone who is serious about it. We are sharing that info with our readers below.

Mike Asimos (who also goes my Michael Asimos) on his blog discusses some of the apps he uses the most often.

Top rated and recommended hiking and outdoors apps:
1) BackCountry Navigator ($10). Can be used with GPS so you don’t need a phone either.
2) Chimani National Parks App. It’s Free! Discusses the countries national parks and the popular hiking spots.
3) Every Trail App. This is a free app as well. Mike Asimos won’t leave home without this one. As discussed above it features over 400,000 trails submitted by users so it’s from a wide variety of hikers who have actually been on these recommended trails.

Located in SC, Mr. Mike Asimos has travelled the world sharing his experiences and hiking/outdoor adventures.

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