Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives

We live in a Social Media World. Everyone is more connected than ever and almost everyone has a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. As we sit at or home or even for dinner, a lot of family members are connected to their devices. We have lost a lot of the personal connections in our lives. It’s become easier to just text people than to even talk to them anymore. Eventually, the a phone conversation maybe a thing of the past. It’s part of the our lives now and it’s becoming even more worse each year. The Internet is growing and the phones are becoming more and more sophisticated. We have iPhone Watches now where you can actually do everything from your watch. You don’t even need to touch your phone anymore. Internet phone numbers are becoming easier to get such as a free Google Voice number. Everything can be done from the computer including being social. How does this really impact us in the future? I believe we are slowly distancing ourselves from the normal interactions we grew up with. Children growing up will not be using the phone for normal conversations – only to text. They will communicate with messaging services like Facebook for example. That is becoming more of the trend it appears.

I read a great article by Dr. Robi Ludwig on the Huffington Post where she talks about some of the strategies we can use to connect with each other again. If you don’t know who…..She talks about how connecting is in our DNA. We are hardwired to connect with each other so we are not left alone. Connecting with others has helped us survive and thrive for generations. In addition, Ludwig talks about how an introverted person can become more social to better improve their career and personal lives. She mentions a few activities like reaching out to others and helping by also using compliments. People love compliments about themselves and also like talking about themselves so you can engagement new friends with keeping that in mind. There really are a lot of things a person can do to better themselves socially.

The technology times ahead are unknown still. We’ve seen a trend of the space only growing with less in-personal socialization. Are normal phone conversations dying out? Do you even use your phone to talk to any of your friends? I personally don’t. Leave your comments on the topic.

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