M. Scott Gillis & The Significance of a Good leader

M Scott Gillis Leadership at Galt and Company

When a company achieves success over a period of time, most people feel that the success of the business is due to an effective company strategy that it followed. But formulation of key strategies is a small component of success. The major responsibility for a company to be successful lies in the responsible vision and leadership of its leaders. Leaders are not born, in fact leaders are created and with their experience in the business domain they chart out success stories for their company and nurture future leaders within the company and take the company to new levels of success. The above principle can be aptly applied for the Galt and Company and the strong accurate business visions of its founder director M. Scott Gillis. Company team members also include Leroy Mergy and Joseph Shalleck to name a few.

• Value based leadership

Most companies are least interested in understanding the importance of shareholders in the growth of their company. They are more interested to make money. But few corporate leaders like M. Scott Gillis have understood that even during recession in the economy and with major job cuts taking place, the shareholders should receive a good return on the company stocks they have invested in. With such value based leadership from Michael Scott Gillis, a company is bound to be successful and the share holder of the company would support them in any business initiative they undertake.

• Taking the extra initiative and being responsible for various business strategic decisions

A good leaders leads from the front and takes initiative when new business policies are undertaken during emergency situations. Mr. Gillis the co founder and Senior Management of Galt and Company has used his education that he has received from premium business schools like Harvard to develop great management entrepreneurship. The current days of recession in the economy has not curbed his initiative to help many companies and prevent them from becoming bankrupt and he has himself tried to introduce business policies that would help these company to revitalize.

• Leaders should be foresighted and be able to take accurate business decisions well ahead of time

The success story of Galt and Company depends highly on the futuristic vision of M. Scott Gillis and his ability to convince its team members regarding the astute business acumen that he has and his ability to develop business strategy for the company to achieve this vision. The leader in Mr. Gillis is willing to take chance and develop business models that are different for his team to achieve success. He is also willing to go great lengths to motivate his company staff members to achieve focus and determination in order to achieve the business profits that would help him to achieve his vision into reality. The vision that he has formulated soon gets converted into the vision of each staff member of the company and they work united under his leadership to achieve maximum benefits for an ordinary shareholder.

Thus under the proven leadership of M. Scott Gillis, his company staff members have understood, the areas that the company could profit from are and what methods are needed to achieve this. Without the leadership of such a great leader, the company would be in doldrums like other companies.

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