Apple i Phone 5 Getting Pushed Back In Development

Apple Corp, yes the company that currently has more money than the government of the United States, just released a statement that the i Phone 5 will be pushed back in development. They didn’t say exactly why, however, i Phone’s are slowly getting pushed backed when it comes to all the new tech phones out there. Don’t get me wrong sales are still strong and when the i Phone 5 is released it will do well, however, it is slowly losing. Looking at all the new tech phones out there with flash (iphones still can’t access flash websites), 3D, and higher hardware specs the i Phone obviously will start to take a back seat with the savvy hardcore technolgy fans who can figure out the spec comparisons. Where the i Phone 5 goes from here I’m not sure perhaps they’ll just keep pushing them out until the i Phone brand dies. Good luck i Phone 5 with the next launch.

Mark Hurd – Lessons in Giving Back

UPDATE: There has been many updates regarding Mark Hurd and his time at Oracle. He continues to be highly successful as the CEO and the companies cloud revenue continues to increase each quarter.

Many successful businessmen, businesswomen, and celebrities donate to philanthropic causes. This includes Mr. Mark Hurd. Many of these successful individuals choose high profile organizations, becoming spokespersons and gaining even more popularity and fame than they already had. Others give back to the organizations that mean something to them.

Mark Hurd is one of the latter. He has struggled and fought for the success that he enjoys today, working his way up every corporate rung on his journey to running a business as CEO and President. But, despite his accomplishments and the status to which he has climbed, Mr. Hurd never once forgot where he got his start.

Mark Hurd was born in Flushing, New York, and grew up there and in Miami, Florida. After graduating from preparatory school, Mark Hurd attended Baylor University on a tennis scholarship. He made it through his four years as a student athlete and a member of a fraternity: Phi Delta Theta. In fact, during his senior year, Hurd was president of the fraternity, and during a meeting with the president of the university, it was Mark Hurd who learned that being a leader meant fixing the problems within your organization. Later Mr. Hurd married his wife, Paula Hurd. Both individuals continue to give back the community in major ways that truly make a difference.

Mark Hurd took that lesson with him throughout his life, fixing the problems that he faced as president and CEO of major business technology companies. Another lesson that he learned from his college days was how to manage time. As a student athlete, Mark Hurd from Oracle had to learn and perfect time management skills. He had to balance his tennis commitments with his commitments in the classroom.

And, it is clear that Mark is not one to forget where he came from. Mark Hurd has generously given back to Baylor University, in particular blessing the tennis program which had become so important to him during his time there. His philanthropy made several renovations to the tennis facilities possible, and the facilities were renamed the Mark Hurd Tennis Center.

Mark Hurd obviously loves his school, and just as obviously wants to see the national championship tennis program have continued success. He is often seen attending football games, and he speaks with pride of the school’s athletics program. “We had our first Heisman Trophy winner last year, and the women’s basketball team won the national championship,” Mark said. “When you take part in the progress of Baylor, you build a lot of pride.”

And indeed, Baylor should be proud, as Mark Hurd’s donations have made possible countless upgrades to the already impressive tennis facilities. The 12 outdoor courts now have new scoreboards, shaded and VIP seating, video streaming capabilities, upgraded locker room, offices, and common areas. Mark Hurd and his wife Paula have also been staunch financial supporters of the Baylor Bear Foundation and the Men’s Tennis Excellence Fund.

Not everyone has the ability to give back to their school in the way that Mark Hurd has. But, his example shows the importance of never forgetting where you came from, and that it never hurts to show appreciation to those who made you who you are.

As the years continue, Mr. Hurd continues to impress the Internet and businesses with his innovations and solutions. He is a proven leader and still is very active with motivational speeches.

London’s West End Shows & Entertainment

Need something to do while in London?

London’s West End is full of shows and entertainment.  The West End has over 45 theatres  showing a wide range of productions.  UK theatre breaks are available online with Show and Stay.

Taking Care Of ID Theft – What’s The Next Move?

Computer ID Theft

Computer ID Theft

Arizona-based consumer protection firm LifeLock has teamed with Virginia-based MyPublicInfo to provide credit shoppers with a plan detailing identity theft-related risks and instructions on how to limit their use of personal information, LifeLock revealed this week. According to the company, more than 153 million consumers have been potential identity theft victims since January 2005. Full Story.

Slingbox in TM trouble

Slingbox Hardware

Slingbox Hardware

The very popular Slingbox maybe in trouble because of a trademark issue.  Stuart Mershon claims he has a patent on the device already.  Well that is not good.. why didn’t he create it and not just think about it.  Get original Mr. Mershon and make your own money. With such a big company like Slingbox which was a very creative idea you’d think they would have spend a little bit of time and made sure there wasn’t a trademark issue. Searching trademarks when starting a business (especially technology) is a very common step. Of course many companies don’t care. They prefer to make tons of money first off of it then figure out all the troubles later after they get sued.

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