Mac fixes 9 OS X Bugs

Honestly I’m not a big Mac fan.  The fact is the most business and home users are PC based so this doesn’t really surprise me.  Mac just released 9 OS X patches.  At least they didn’t let me build up or anything.  Seriously fix your products before releasing them.. yes I am talking about Windows to.

The iPhone battle continues with Cisco

So if you don’t know by now, Cisco owns the trademark for the iPhone.  There is a small scale battle going on over it and Apple needs to respond to the TM issue.  Here is a small story about it if you’re interested.

Airport Tech Life

So I was at the airport this week doing my usually business trips and trying to park my car on the street.  By the way I should mention to you what a dumb idea that is and you should always get airport parking.  It will save you so much time. 

So at the airport I tried out my phones bluetooth and I was amazingly surprised at the amount of people you can bring up on that.  You can actually talk to random strangers.  Watch out people the tech life is getting out of control.

iPhone going to make the big bucks

I have read some reviews and I am not yet convienced of everyone getting an iPhone.  A lot of people will obviously but is the iPhone so great that that people will change there everyday lives?  This is a big change – it doesn’t fit the norm’s of the average phone and having people switch over night maybe a bigger task then they think.  At any rate, I enjoy this postive review.  It seems to capture the “feeling” for the device.

Google buys more domain

Google purchased a round of domains which all have the “get on” google feel.  For example, GET-ME-ON-GOOGLE.COM, GETON-GOOGLE.COM, or how about UONGOOGLE.COM.  What are they trying to do here?  That is a good question and perhaps we’ll find out some day.

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